EVERGUARD MODEL C - Skylight Fall Protectors for Corrugated Fiberglass Skylights

Our EverGuard Model C prevents falls through corrugated fiberglass skylights. The weather-resistant galvanized wire mesh panels are mounted to the roof with heavy duty clamps for a secure attachment.


Installation of EverGuard skylight screens removes the potential and very real danger that exists of falls through unprotected skylights. There is an inherent risk of falling through skylights on metal roofs, as they are on the same level as the roof and have the same profile as the metal. Skylights can quite frequently and quite easily be overlooked by anyone walking on or working on your roof. Skylights cannot carry the weight of a person!


We provide installation for most orders by one of our professional, OSHA-compliant crews, but our skylight guards can also be installed by anyone following proper safety procedures and with experience in OSHA compliance.



EverGuard skylight fall protectors exceed OSHA standards, and provide a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution to preventing falls through skylights.


Our screens ensure your compliance with OSHA regulations and protect the safety and well-being of your valued employees.



Tell us the style of roof you have and the number of skylights you need to protect.


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Installation available for most orders. Ask one of our representatives for details.